Shaquille O'Neal's teenage son has the low post-moves of his dad and is on his way to having the size, but Shareef O'Neal also has something the four-time NBA champion didn't.

Thanks to a new highlight video of Shareef, a freshman at Windward High School in Los Angeles, we get to see what sort of game the "Little Aristotle" has. At 6-foot-8 he's way taller than most of his teammates and opponents, so he doesn't have much trouble getting to the basket.

But O'Neal seems comfortable away from the basket as well. O'Neal shows some good handles and passing in this video. He also sinks a three-pointer, giving him as many threes in this game as his father had in his entire NBA career.

Here's the video of Shareef and the California Supreme in Houston at the 2015 Big Cup. Since being posted to YouTube on May 12 it's already got more than 300,000 views.

That three-pointer wasn't an anomaly. In a video from a December 2014 tournament in San Diego, O'Neal is seen hitting another three. And in a rare feat for the O'Neal clan, Shareef nails two consecutive free throws.

Here's another video of Shareef which, while considerably less exciting than the first, shows the kid has a good command of the post.

O'Neal is in the class of 2018, so he's got a while to develop. And seeing as his dad is 7-foot-2, O'Neal might even have some more growing to do. With his size, frame and basketball pedigree, there's no telling how good Shareef can become.

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