When Damian Lillard found out he'd finished up his college coursework, he couldn't wait to tell the world. There was only one problem.

He forgot to tell his mother first.

Apparently LIllard's mom had to find out the news secondhand, even though she was in the same house with her son. The Portland Trail Blazers star had shared the news with his agent, his cousin, and social media, but his mom only found out when she overheard someone congratulating him.

"[My cousin] came downstairs and started telling me congratulations to my face and my mom was like ‘What?!?' because I forgot to tell her," Lillard said, according to the Blazers team website. "It was just like, I just did it and I was kind of like I'm done with it, whatever.

"That was how she found out, and she was like ‘How you not going to tell me that?' and I was like, ‘My bad.'"


What must make it all the more painful for his mom, though, is the fact that Lillard finished college at her behest. Without her motherly insistence, Lillard might just be another multi-millionaire with no degree to back it up, just like a good chunk of the NBA.

Lillard is apparently trying to figure out if he would be able to attend graduation at Weber State University in Utah. The Blazers' playoff run could pose a scheduling conflict.

If Lillard isn't able to make it to the school's graduation in May, Weber State may still hold a special ceremony for their beloved alum sometime over the summer.

Hopefully if he goes, he'll remember to invite his mother. She might like to see that.

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