A day before the Seahawks defeated Carolina in an NFC divisional playoff game, Pete Carroll was having a great conversation about coaching tactics -- with a woman whose Twitter bio begins: "Mother. Writer. Poop-stain Fighter."

Annie Reneau, a mom of three children in Pullman, Washington, writes a blog called MotherhoodAndMore.com. A huge Seahawks fan, Reneau just wrote a blog entry titled 12th Man Mom: How The Seahawks Are Making Me A Better Parent.

"I started seeing parallels with things in parenting, about being positive and letting your kids be who they are," Reneau told KREM TV in Spokane.

Carroll responded with a tweet to endorse Reneau's blog post.

And then, as KREM reports, Carroll took a break from preparing for the Panthers to call Reneau.

Reneau said Carroll wrapped up the call by suggesting she turn her blog content into a book, and referred her to someone in the Seahawk organization who could help with that.

Here's the full report from KREM:

Among the 10 points of comparisons that Reneau between her parenting and Carroll's coaching is building confidence and trust:

I love that Pete Carroll ties confidence to trust and makes them (almost) the ultimate goal of his program. Players perform when they know they can achieve excellence and when they know their coach will do whatever he can to help them get there. Pete Carroll is the Seahawks’ biggest fan and their loudest cheerleader. Players give their best because it’s expected, but also because they are inspired.

Kids really aren’t any different, are they? Sure, you can push kids with tough love and motivate them with fear and shame. That’s how some NFL coaches get results from their teams, too. But I prefer Pete Carroll’s positive approach, which clearly works and is much more pleasant for all involved. I want my kids to have no doubt that I believe in them, to know that I always have their best interest at heart, and to trust in my leadership.

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