New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees spent a great deal of his offseason generating buzz with his intense workouts. First, there was this flying pushup that went viral. Then in a recent Sports Illustrated article, Brees walked through his sessions at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego with trainer Todd Durkin.

But Brees doesn't let his freakish workouts dominate his offseason. Instead, he spends it doing a lot more important things, mainly spending time with his family.

Brees and his wife, Brittany, are always on the run with their three sons, Baylen, 5, Bowen, 3, and Callen, 1.

"We had all kinds of cool adventures," Brees said. "We spent a lot of time swimming. The kids are just kind of learning how to swim, so there was a lot of time in the pool."

The pool wasn't the only thing Brees and his sons enjoyed. They watched some World Cup soccer, decked out in USA jerseys, met Mickey and rode some rides in Disney World, and spent some time hanging out with Marines at MCAS Miramar in San Diego. And though the three boys are pretty close in age, their all into something different.

"It's funny to see the personality differences between all of them," Brees said. "My youngest, Callen, just loves anything sports related. Any ball. Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, you name it. It's what he wants to do. Bowen is kind of into the action figure. We were simulating all kinds of games with Iron Man, Batman and Spiderman.

"Baylen is super creative. He just comes with all kinds of different and crazy games, whether it's based upon Toy Story and we're Woody and Buzz Lightyear, or we're stormtroopers, or we're whatever kind of thing he's coming up with. It's awesome. It's great being a Dad."

And when he's not doing rip-trainer exercises, flex-T rotational lunges or building crazy Lego creations, Brees spends his time helping others through the Brees Dream Foundation, which works toward improving the quality of life in cancer patients and raising money for schooling. The organization was able to donate $1.5 million to benefit organizations around the country, but primarily helping the Hurricane Sandy Recover organization for the New York and New Jersey areas.

Brees also partnered up with Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey and his Just Keep Livin Foundation for the Amazing Race, which is a miniature version of the reality television show. Teams of four go all through the French Quarter in New Orleans, searching for clues and solving riddles. Brees and McConaughey raised more than $750,000 to help children organizations and causes in the New Orleans area. And at the end of the night, the contestants headed to the House of Blues for a Kenny Chesney performance.

"He rocked," Brees said. "It was an acoustical performance, and it was fantastic."

Now that the NFL training camp period is underway, Brees now finds time to fit football into his already busy schedule, and work with some new guys. Brees' pass-heavy offense lost longtime target Lance Moore and jitterbug Darren Sproles, but he does have a new weapon in Brandin Cooks, the 20th pick of the NFL draft. The former Oregon State receiver and Brees have worked hard at getting on the right page.

"I really like him," Brees said. "Not only (because of) his talent and all of the different ways we can use him, but he's a great individual. You can see he's got great character, integrity, loves football. Loves to work, wants to be great. Those are all things you want in a young talented receiver."

He and the Saints are once again considered favorites to make a push toward the Super Bowl, where they haven't been since 2010.

"Everybody feels that way right now," Brees said, when asked if the team had what it takes to win the Super Bowl. "We're excited about the opportunity for it. We have as good a chance as any."

As Brees' offseason winds down to an end, an offseason filled with physical training, both with weights and hyper toddlers, his next off season will be joined by a new member of the Brees clan. Drew and Brittany are expecting a baby girl at the end of August, and her three older brothers are excited for her arrival.

"It's kind of what they were rooting for back when we didn't know if it was a boy or a girl," Brees said. "We'd ask ‘hey, do you want another brother or a baby sister?' And they all wanted a baby sister. We are really excited."

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