Cliff Paul is a household name and he does not even exist. The State Farm marketing character, the fictional identical twin to basketball star Chris Paul, is a fixture of TV, print and web commercials. Of course, in reality, he is Chris Paul with a fake mustache and glasses.

The Los Angeles Clippers guard has run with the joke, appearing side-by-side with Cliff. The brothers were separated at birth but have since bonded over their genetics. Both have a natural skill with assists, Chris dishing the rock in Lob City and Cliff dealing with insurance clients.

Thanks to Simply Measured, a Seattle-based social media analytics platform, the world has an infographic detailing the marketing impact of Cliff Paul. Cliff has Twitter and Instagram pages, which have helped him register a high Klout:

The legend of Cliff Paul is only rising. He has added a shoe in the Jordan Brand line–Chris' Jordan CP3 design in argyle. Cliff's likeness was featured is featured in NBA 2K14 and Chris' real life son Chris Jr. is now cast as both Chris Jr. and Cliff Jr. in State Farm commercials, including a recent cut with Warriors star Stephen Curry.

Using two test cases -- the Cliff Paul campaign's official launch and the February All-Star Weekend push -- Simply Measured analyzed the impact of Cliff. What they found was a whole lot of positivity on State Farm's end. For an insurance and financial services company, 23 million impressions in one December makes for a Merry Christmas.

Cliff Paul (@CliffPaul) has more than 80,000 followers on Instagam and 33,000 on Twitter. Chris Paul (@CP3) has about 2 million on Instagram and 3.45 million on Twitter.

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