American boxing fans looking for the future of their favorite sport can rest easy knowing it is in good hands.

That's because a young boy named Nijee looks extremely impressive in a new viral video in which he demonstrates his lightning-quick jabs and powerful punch.

Did we mention Nijee is only 5?

If this video was not persuasive enough, consider that renowned boxing critic Shaquille O'Neal has tweeted his endorsement of the young boy, who has become known as "Nijee the Future."

Nijee has his own Facebook page, where his father has been posting videos of him for the past several years. Here's Nijee at 3:

Nijee is far from the only young boxing prodigy to gain fame via the Internet. And it's probably to early too celebrate him as the next Floyd Mayweather, but if this young guy can continue progressing as quickly as he has in his first five years, he'll be making some serious noise by 2030.