Every so often baseball fans attending games with kids are presented with a tough choice: Go after a souvenir ball hit into the stands, or look out for the welfare of the young child that they were tasked to protect?

Sometimes, a fan can accomplish both of these goals. Sometimes, a fan fails on both accounts.

During a Spring Training game between the New York Mets and the Florida Marlins, a man in the outfield was pulling a child in a wagon when a ground-rule double ball bounced over the fence. In a moment of unfortunate indiscretion, the guy lets go of the wagon and runs after the ball.

What happened next is every mother's nightmare:

Fortunately for this guy, he appears to catch the kid just before the youngster crashes.

So while he did not get the souvenir, this man saved the tyke from a bad crash and became a viral sensation. At least he didn't come away empty-handed.