Many Cleveland fans are faced with a dilemma when sharing their city's sports legacy with their kids: How can we make light out of a history not exactly filled with lots of memorable moments?

One fan has a new, and pretty neat, idea for getting the message across in a fun way.

Scott O'Brien, a Cleveland native now living in Los Angeles, is creating a coloring book that depicts some of the lowest moments in the city's sports history. Michael Jordan's series-clinching shot over Craig Ehlo in 1989. John Elway's game-winning drive against the Browns in 1987. And many, many more.

On his Kickstarter page, O'Brien includes this description:

"This project is not about reopening old Cleveland wounds. I'll leave that to the national sports media. This is about having a laugh at the sheer lunacy of what we have "witnessed" over the years. We know we have to laugh sometimes to avoid losing our minds."

"It's also about sharing the history with our children so they can appreciate why we cheer the way do, and more often, hang our heads in disbelief. At the very least, it is a great way for them to learn about Murphy's Law."

So far things appear to be going better for O'Brien than they have for many of his favorite sports teams. He's already raised more than double his goal of $2,000.