A big reason why the NHL's Winter Classic outdoor games have been so popular is because they're associated with the nostalgia and romance of Dad flooding the backyard to build a homemade rink.

Justin Lachapelle, a father of two boys in St-Lazare, Quebec, has brought this idea to an insane level. Check out this backyard classic, a 64-foot-by-32-foot rink that resembles Bell Centre, the Montreal Canadiens' home arena.

"My youngest kid wasn't really into hockey, but he started this year and he's out there a lot now, which is kind of cool," Lachapelle told the Montreal Gazette about his sons who are 10 and 12.

The attention to details includes the Canadiens' logo between the red line and blue lines.

Lachapelle said he usually begins his work on the rink in November when it is cold enough maintain a base layer of ice.

"You have to be pretty nuts," Lachapelle told the Gazette. "You have to look at the three-day weather forecast and get out there. If it’s 3 in the morning, you’ve got to get out there at 3 in the morning and water accordingly."

But the payoff is watching his sons have enjoying themselves. "When they play and they're all having fun there, it's priceless," he told the Gazette.

Of course, what's a rink without a Zamboni? Well, Lachapelle has one of those too. Sort of. It's a homemade version using a golf cart:

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