It's not uncommon for parents to name their children after sports stars they idolize, but a Green Bay couple's rationale for naming their baby "Aaron Rodger" is unlike anything you've ever heard.

Shortly after the birth of Kyle Dryer and Kristal Tyczkowski's son on Sunday, nurses told them the young boy had a broken left collarbone. That's the same injury Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered against the Chicago Bears on Nov. 4. The boy was born early, so Dryer and Tyczkowski didn't have a name for him yet. Upon hearing about his injury, they knew Aaron Rodger Dryer was meant to be.

“I’m pretty sure he will be proud of it,” Kristal said.

The doctor who delivered Aaron said collarbone injuries are relatively common in newborns and that the injury should heal within a few weeks.

Dryer and Tyczkowski were also thinking about names from the Harry Potter series, but thankfully they settled on Aaron Rodger. It's got a better ring to it than Ron Weasley Dryer.