When it comes to collegiate sporting events, it doesn't get better than Michigan-Ohio State. It is one of the most passionate rivalries in the country, and anyone who has attended a matchup between the two schools can attest that it is a game they will never forget.

And for one fan at this year's Nov. 30 contest, the way he received his tickets may be as memorable as the game itself.

A YouTube user named Jason MacDonald uploaded a video of a man, perhaps MacDonald himself, surprising his dad with tickets to this year's game at Michigan Stadium. The father, an enormous Michigan fan, was so thrilled that he dropped an expletive when he saw the tickets (be warned).

"Is this real?" he asks, before wiping away tears.

But to set up the dramatic moment, the dad first has to wade through a few gifts that, with all due respect, are rather pedestrian. If you want to skip ahead to see the surprise being sprung, go to the 2:00 mark.

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The video is reminiscent of another recent viral hit in which a son surprises his dad, a Bengals fan, with tickets to a game in Cincinnati.

If these videos become a trend, we're more than OK with it.