Ronald May, an assistant football coach at Bracken County High School in Kentucky, knew that his son, U.S. Army specialist Justin May, was back in the United States after serving nine months Afghanistan. But the last place Ronald expected to see Justin was at Bracken County's game Friday against Dayton.

Thanks to some creative thinking by Ronald's wife and Justin's mother, Maria, Justin stood feet away from his father before the game without Ronald noticing. That's because Justin was dressed as a Wildcat, Bracken's mascot, for the game.

Justin paced the sidelines as his younger brother, Ryan, and his Wildcats teammates warmed up. Then Justin stood feet behind his father as the teams were called to midfield for the coin toss.

After Bracken won the toss, the PA announcer asked the crowd to honor Justin May for his service to the country. May removed the Wildcat head from his costume and hugged his very surprised father and brother.

“He talked to me yesterday and said he was in Texas, but he was here," Ronald May said. "I am so proud of him."

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Just a day ago, we brought you the story Master Sgt. Joseph Martel, who recently surprised his son at a football game by dressing as a member of the opposing team. So now we've seen servicemen dress as an opponent and as the team mascot.

What's next, dressing as a referee?