There was probably a lot running through Andy Murray's mind after the 26-year-old knocked off Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon on Sunday.

It was Murray's first Wimbledon title and the first time a British man had taken home the top prize in 77 years.

But it remains to be seen whether that excuse will pass with Murray's mom, Judy, after Murray forgot to hug her following his big win.

After taking down Djokovic in three sets, Murray climbed up to his box for embraces with his coaches, friends and girlfriend. And as he was climbing down onto the court, he realized he missed someone important.

“I did forget her,” Murray said of his mother after the match. "I just heard her squealing behind me when I was trying to get down."

Realizing his grave error, Murray scrambled back for a hug with his mom.

The missed hug was an oversight by Murray, who undoubtedly knows how important his mother is to his success. Judy Murray is a tennis pro who cultivated her son's love of the game.

Judy will surely forgive Andy for forgetting about her this time. But let's just say the next time Murray wins a Grand Slam, we all know who will get the first hug.