OK, time to make a judgment call. Is the kid in the video below genuinely upset that his dad failed to corral this line drive at the Giants-Marlins game in San Francisco? Or is he merely giving the old man some good-natured razzing for coming up empty on the foul ball?

In defense of the dad, he makes an effort to snag it and takes the screamer off the shoulder.

And look closely at the video. The kid -- who was the one with a glove, by the way -- ducked below the railing as the ball came flying into their box. Can't blame the youngster for flashing quick reflexes, but by bailing out, maybe he shouldn't be so fast in getting sour at his father.

In either case, it's a story both will tell for the rest of their lives, and isn't making memories at the ball park what father-son moments should be all about?