Fans watching Game 7 between the Chicago Bulls and the Brooklyn Nets may have noticed Joakim Noah celebrating after the game with a young woman wearing a Bulls jersey. Here's the GIF, via @cjzero:

As it turns out, the woman is Noah's younger sister, Yelena. And while she's not as famous as her brother -- the All-Star center who practically willed the Bulls to victory Saturday -- she hasn't done too bad for herself. Yelena is a model, following in the footsteps of her mother, Cécilia Rodhe, who was Miss Sweden 1978. Rodhe's ex-husband, Yelena and Joakim's father, is the former French tennis star Yannick Noah.

And while Joakim is known for his incredible energy and on-court antics, his sister has a much different demeanor.

"Yelena is the coolest person in our family. She is amazingly chill,” Rodhe told the Chicago Sun-Times. "Joakim could be overshadowing, but she for some reason found her way to what she wanted to do. I think she had more space growing up and became an incredible, independent individual. She got that by having such a boisterous older brother."

Like Joakim, Yelena is known for mixing different styles. It's a trait she said she gets from her mother.

"The two most valuable fashion lessons my mom taught me are to wear what you like -- not what's in -- and that you don't need to spend a fortune to get great clothes," Yelena said several years ago. "Our eclectic styles are so similar that we usually get mistaken for sisters!"

Yelena is also a jewelry designer, which might help explain her brother's unique necklaces.

So, in summary, the Noah family consists of two star pro athletes and two models. Not a bad gene pool.

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