At a Washington, D.C.-area track meet earlier this year, some girls on the Wilson High School team noticed that a girl on Friendship Collegiate looked exactly like one of their teammates.

The two girls, Robin and Jordan, introduced themselves and chatted briefly. Only later did they find out that they're sisters.

Once Jordan, a junior at Wilson High School, discovered that Robin's last name was Jeter, she knew she was on to something. Jordan was adopted shortly after birth, but she knew her biological mother's name was Jeter. Jordan put the pieces together, and as it turns out, she is nine months younger than Robin, who bounced around from her biological mother to foster care to a legal guardian.

"I was so anxious to know more about her," Jordan, 17, told WUSA 9. "Where did she go to school, how old she was, what is she like."

The sisters, who went to school ten minutes apart, have the same shoe size, double jointed thumbs and are hard to tell apart on the phone. They've become good friends, and together they're hoping to discover whether they have any more siblings.

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