Every kid who loves hockey dreams of having the perfect rink in his backyard. For Ben Fraser, that dream became a reality when his dad, Scott, bought a used Zamboni to create perfect ice on the pond in the family back yard.

Ben said he didn't believe it when his dad brought it up. It was true, and now -- voila, the Fraser house is now the coolest house for miles in Nova Scotia, and the rink is in perfect playing condition in 20-25 minutes every time the elder Fraser gets to work.

Let's be honest, there's not a cooler piece of equipment associated with any sport. Your dad wouldn't get this kind of praise if he went out and bought a Gator to drag the infield on your backyard baseball field. No one his clamoring to have golf carts to coach from on their backyard football fields. A Zamboni is iconic and flat-out awesome. Someone give Scott Fraser the dad of the century award.

What's that? Mom plays hockey, too? Ben Fraser's the luckiest kid alive.

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