Archie Manning might be famous for producing National Football League quarterbacks, but in one sense he's still trailing the man known as the Godfather of Football Officials.

While the New Orleans Saints' folk hero and his wife have produced two Super Bowl champs in Peyton and Eli Manning, Carl Paganelli and his wife have not one, not two, but three sons currently working as officials in the NFL: Perry, Dino and Carl Paganelli, Jr. Yep, the Paganelli parents produce more zebras than the San Diego Zoo.

Carl Paganelli, Jr. will be working his third Super Bowl assignment as an umpire when the Patriots play the Giants on Sunday. Carl, Sr. believes his son has a shot at history.

"Amazing that at his age he's got three Super Bowls," he said. "I said, I don't know what the record is. Maybe five, something like that. If he hangs around, he might be able to be one of those guys (who sets a record.)"

Paganelli, Sr. and his wife Mary, will be in Indianapolis, but they won't be watching the players. "Even when we watch on (TV on) Sunday, I just watch the officials," the proud mother told 24 Hour News 8 in Grand Rapids, Mich. "People ask you who are you rooting for. I say, 'The guys in the stripes.'"

The boys became officials because of their old man, who is a former Supervisor of Officials for the MAC conference, XFL, Arena League and others. Right now he works for the UFL and evaluates officials for the Mountain West Conference.

Dino is in his sixth season, Carl, Jr. in his 13th season and Perry is in year 14 as an NFL official.

You might remember, as the Grand Rapids Press reported, the odd trivia nugget from Super Bowl XLI in Miami, when Perry (back judge) and Carl Jr. (umpire) became the first set of brothers to officiate a Super Bowl together.

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