One of the pleasures of being an older brother is the taunting. The practical joking. The sheer mercilessness that comes from knowing your poor little brother can't ever get revenge.

Which makes it especially sweet when Big Brother gets burned. And that's what happened to Dan Davis of Indianapolis, Ind. when he came up with a plot to frustrate his little brother, Jack.

Dan dropped $125 of his own money on the bedroom carpet and told Jack he would toss it all up into the air. Whatever Jack could catch, he could keep.

Naturally, Dan thought the bills would fly everywhere and Jack would end up with maybe a single buck or two. So he started his video camera to record the humiliation for posterity.

And then this happened:

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You go, Jack. Little bro made out with a whopping $57, then pranced around like he won a car on The Price Is Right. And can you blame him? Jack swiped almost half his tormentor's cash. It's as if he took Dan to court and got $57 in damages.

So take heart, downtrodden sibs everywhere. Practice that hand-eye coordination and maybe your day -- and your pay -- will come.

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