Does anyone really outgrow claw machines? It seems like the wrong word. Perhaps the more accurate assessment is that we all get tired of them stealing our spare change in the name of largely innocuous prizes. It's the thrill of victory in an unfair game that always got you fired up, and once you failed enough to determine you'd never have a fair shot, it was curtains for your sideshow distraction.

Your prize-picking past may be years behind you, but what if you had been a freaking wizard with that joystick and claw? Matt Magnone has dedicated his young adult life to a plethora of games, but at the top of his game obsession list is the claw machine. How good is he? Just watch below has he collects a staggering 33 stuffed animals in 20 minutes, with $23 (jump ahead to the 3 min mark to dive into the streak as it unfolds). Magnone claims this number is a record for what's been caught on video, and we have trouble challenging that claim, since the video market isn't exactly flooded with claw record attempts.

Now, while the feat is impressive, it hardly seems like a truly lucrative affair. In theory, it could be assumed that Magnone could terrorize arcades from coast to coast, pillaging claw machines of their valuable prizes and creating mass hysteria in the vending industry. And while that would be arguably one of the funniest news stories of all time, it seems like a stretch. Still, there's something about gaming a system slanted against the competitor that makes this video awesome. And it turns out, he's got more videos like this, though no individual stretch on a single video of such dominance.

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If there are claw machine police out there, Magnone would indisputably be Claw Enemy No. 1, and just the idea of them hunting him down and interrogating him in a poorly lit, windowless room surrounded by piles of stuffed animals confiscated from his home is the funniest notion since Rob Lowe breaking news as an NFL insider.

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