There are rare occasions when a Bruins fan does not mind getting a Canadiens tattoo, and rewarding kids for a job well done certainly qualifies as one of them.

Consider this delightful story from the Winnipeg Free Press:

Paul Falco loves the Bruins. One of his daughter's hockey teammates, Cali Mazur, loves the Canadiens. Paul promises Cali that he'll get inked with a Canadiens logo if the Richmond Kings Atom A-2 girls hockey team wins the city championship.

Paul is a man of his word.

"I knew he would at least put on a temporary tattoo, but I wasn't expecting him to do it for real," Cali tells Free Press reporter Simon Fuller. "It was pretty funny and a memory I'll cherish forever."

Check out all the details of the bet in the Winnipeg Free Press, including Cali's family connection to the Stanley Cup.

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