New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham has won many fans this season. But perhaps none greater than 16-year-old Alex Newman.

The New Orleans native learned about football from her dad when she was only 8, and she was instantly hooked on her home team. Dad also taught her the guitar, and this Christmas, Alex decided to put those skills to use crafting a tribute to her favorite Saint.

Check out her musical chops, with backup vocals provided by little sis Stella:

On Saturday morning, Stella woke her big sister to tell her some big news. The video made its way to Graham, who made sure the girls got tickets to next Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers.

"I still don't know what to do because I'm in shock," Alex says. "Nothing like this or even close to this has ever happened and it is the best Christmas present ever."

No offense to Saint Nick, but this year's coolest gift came from Saint Jimmy.

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