Oregon running back LaMichael James is a seriously gifted, seriously tough athlete. The guy withstood brutally dislocating his elbow earlier this year [warning: graphic], and has still managed to be the top running back in the Pac-12.

Most assuredly, if there were a player most likely to be designated fearless, the Ducks would turn to their running back. But just make sure you don't get him near a roller coaster, or he'll lose it. He'll get the look on his face that most opposing defensive coordinators get when he starts breaking tackles on a perfectly schemed play.

Teammate Kenjon Barner hit up Space Mountain with James as the team prepares for the Rose Bowl in Southern California, and well, let's just say those photos they snap and hand out when everyone gets off the ride aren't always photos to remember. Actually, we'll remember the photo of James appearing immensely terrified, but that's sort of something we're guessing he'd like to forget. Granted, maybe he deserves more credit than that. Perhaps James was just acting scared to be funny, or to reassure his unsure coaster compatriots. At least, that's the story he should probably stick to.

Barner didn't really do his buddy any favors by hanging him out to dry on Twitter. Which he should have thought about, considering photo evidence has emerged courtesy of contributor Rand Getlin that it's not just James that has trouble with coasters.

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