For some, Notre Dame football will never be as good as the days of Rocket Ismail. Or the days of Joe Montana. Or the days of "Rudy." But one man is trying to change that, and he isn't a football player or a coach.

Our friends at Business Insider point out that Olympic Gold Medal figure skater Brian Boitano is filming an ice skating extravaganza for NBC, and one of his stops was the famed home of the Fighting Irish. Filming on campus in South Bend, Ind., had its perks -- namely the fact that Boitano and his team were able to don Notre Dame football jerseys (and those shiny gold helmets) and perform a special number in honor of Fighting Irish football.


Now Irish fans may wince at this, but consider the grace, the footwork, the coordination.

And consider the cold truth: There have been far more embarrassing productions out of South Bend. Remember Freakbass?

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