Dan Orlovsky has had a good little run lately, with two game balls earned for leading the Indianapolis Colts to two late-season wins.

But now the pressure is really on.

Orlovsky returned to practice Thursday after becoming the latest player on the 2-13 NFL team to become a dad of multiples. His wife Tiffany delivered triplets -- boys Noah, Hunter and Madden -- early on Wednesday morning. The boys came into the world at "9:44, 9:45 and 9:46 (A.M.)," Orlovsky told the Indianapolis Star.

Odds of having so-called spontaneous triplets are said to be 1 in 8,100.

He's not the only Colt with multiple blessings. Earlier this year, franchise icon Peyton Manning became the father of twins. In the 21st century, the chances of having twins are at about 3 percent. And let's not forget Indianapolis defensive end Robert Mathis, who has his own twins due in February.

Orlovsky, 28, is fired up to welcome three bouncing baby boys: "It's very similar to what everybody describes it as. It's a very surreal feeling. It was real emotional for my wife and I. We're very excited. We're looking forward to it."

The newborns were born six weeks early, according to the Daily Mail. The boys were expected to be born on Feb. 9, 2012.

Thanks to an upset win over the Houston Texans on Dec. 22, the Colts were given five days off. That allowed Orlovsky to spend plenty of time with his wife, who desperately wanted to be there for the delivery. "I wouldn't have missed it," Orlovsky said.

With the triplets staying with in-laws back in Philadelphia, the Colts backup turned starting quarterback is being pressured by family to not only win this weekend, but pick up a game ball against the Jaguars. That would give him one for each son.

"That's what my family keeps saying," Orlovsky told the Indianapolis Star. "It would be awesome to do that. We'll see. We'll do our best on Sunday."

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