Spencer Stone has been making the media rounds since helping thwart a terror attack on a train last month in France. Add Jimmy Kimmel to the list of public figures who wanted to thank the man for his service.

To do that, Kimmel got a little help from Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson. Stone is a huge Warriors fan, and simply meeting Thompson on the set of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" was enough to thrill the Airman.

But Thompson wasn't there just to grace Stone with his presence. He walked onto the set carrying a hat and a Warriors jersey -- and an extra-special surprise in his pocket.

Thompson also gave Stone two tickets to the Warriors' season-opener this fall.

Stone was overjoyed by the offering, even appearing to ask Thompson if he was serious about the biggest gift of all: A 2016 Chevy Camaro convertible. It's a stick-shift, which works well for Stone, who said he learned to drive manual while stationed in Portugal.

Thompson can't say the same: As the segment began, Thompson blew his arrival on set by stalling the Camaro in a back-alley and then struggling to drive it up to the entrance to the studio.

If you've ever driven a stick-shift, though, you can relate to Thompson choking under pressure. But better for it to happen on Jimmy Kimmel than the NBA Finals.

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