Veteran commentator Jason Whitlock says he is expecting a dud when Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio finally fight on May 2. Although it will be a massive money maker and gigantic media event, Whitlock says the ages and styles of the fighters will contribute to a dull bout.

Whitlock, whose ESPN site The Undefeated launches this summer, participated on a media panel Thursday at the IMG World Congress of Sports presented by SportsBusiness Journal/Daily in Los Angeles. Shortly afterwards, he shared thoughts on the fight, the NBA MVP race, plans for his site and what else he watches on TV besides reruns of The Wire:

"We want to be ahead of the conversation and more focused on what's the truth, what's provable, rather than just writing what's popular at the moment that will get you a lot of retweets on Twitter," Whitlock said of The Undefeated during the discussion that featured former ESPN executive editor John Walsh, Fox reporter Pam Oliver and's Peter King.

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