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Gregor Clegane (The Mountain) from HBO's Game Of Thrones is the largest, strongest and most feared swordsman in all of the Seven Kingdoms. It only makes sense that the actor portraying The Mountain would also be the strongest man in the world ... in real life.

Hafthor Bjornsson is actually HBO's third version of The Mountain and this time I think they may have gotten it right.

The Icelandic monster stands 6'9" and weighs in at a staggering 430 pounds. He already holds the European Strongman Championship and his recent attempt to win the title as World's Strongest Viking was a rousing success.

Bjornsson broke a world record that had stood for 1,000 years. What did he do? He took five steps while carrying a log over 30 feet long that weighed 1,433 pounds.

Obviously, Bjornsson won the Viking title and now has his eyes firmly set on the World's Strongest Man. He has competed in the World's Strongest Man event four times ... finishing sixth in 2011, third in 2012, third in 2013, and second in 2014. Now, I'm no analytics expert but I think I'm seeing a trend that could end in the ultimate strongman prize later this year.

It would just be weird to be that strong. My mind goes to the Skittles commercial where everything the dude touches turns into Skittles. If feel like if you were that strong that is what your life would be like ... normal everyday things just crumbling in your hands. Eating a hard-shelled taco would be almost impossible.

Touch the rainbow, taste the rainbow.

If only "The Red Viper" had been able to put his ego aside and just finish the job ... Mr. Bjornsson wouldn't have to worry about his acting gig anymore. He'd have a lot more time to focus on his strongman pursuits.

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