Tim Tebow has a thing for making dreams come true.

Not one month after bringing a woman to tears simply by handing her a slice of cake, Tebow is putting in hours as a provider of Christmas miracles.

In Orlando earlier this week, the former Heisman winner, who now works for Good Morning America, helped treat Wal-Mart shoppers to an all-mighty gift: Paying off their Wal-Mart Layaway balances.

Layaway is a service Wal-Mart offers its customers where items are placed on hold until shoppers are able to pay the full balance. It's a popular service at Christmas time that helps customers make sure they get the gifts they want, and it's often used by shoppers who don't have the ability to pay for gifts at the moment.

As you can imagine, Tebow's understated reveal that the items were being paid for triggered the water works in customers, one of whom admitted that she had planned to take some items off layaway because she couldn't afford them.

The full segment, from Good Morning America, is here:

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Any goodwill is great to hear around the holiday season, but when you add in a little Tebow, you're sure to approach the saccharine levels that only Oprah hits on a regular basis.

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