If MAS Wrestling succeeds in becoming an Olympic sport, one key reason will be its simplicity. There are no judges quibbling about style points or artistic interpretations. There are no bizarre decisions like the ones that pop up in boxing. With MAS Wrestling, the winner is clear cut as the competition is a tug-of-war variation involving two competitors and one stick.

Competitors sit facing each other, separated by a two-meter board on which they use their feet to brace themselves. Then they grab a stick that is a little less than two feet long and start pulling. To win, a competitor must either wrest the stick from the opponent's hands or pull him to the other side of the board.

Odd Haugen, a veteran of international strength and bodybuilding competitions, is trying to popularize the sport in the United States and eventually earn Olympic status. Here's more about the MAS Wrestling and Haugen's quest:

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