Derek Jeter has said that, as he tours Major League Baseball stadiums for the final time as a player, he doesn't expect anything from anyone.

With that in mind, Jeter has admitted to being pleasantly surprised by the incredible variety and diversity of gifts that he's received.

The retiring Yankee captain has been honored at practically every stadium he has visited this year, by a host of characters from his past. George W. Bush, Roger Clemens and Robinson Cano have all been on hand to present Jeter with gifts at different stadiums.

"It's all been appreciated," Jeter told Newsday. "It's all been a surprise. Everyone's sort of curious about what I have been given, so it's been a pleasant surprise."

Jeter told Newsday that he'll "make room" for all the gifts, which shouldn't be too difficult considering he lives in a $13 million, seven-bedroom, 30,875 square foot mansion in Tampa. If the two three-car garages at "St. Jetersburg" don't fit all the gifts, perhaps Jeter can dump some of the goods in the massive entertainment and billiards rooms. One gift that doesn't require storage is a vacation in a Banff castle, courtesy of the Blue Jays.

Asked to choose a favorite, Jeter has declined to select between the personalized guitar, the personalized paddle board, the personalized bottle of wine, the personalized cowboy boots and the dozens of other presents he's gotten. Here's a look at all of the gifts given to the future Hall of Famer:

Derek Jeter's Retirement Gifts

And as extensive as this list is, it doesn't even include the unofficial tributes to Jeter, from fans creating paintings of him to farmers carving his face into cornfields to Nike honoring him with this creative commercial:

Watch video from Derek Jeter Day at Yankee Stadium:

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