Though there was no election, the town of Comfort, Texas, had a new mayor for the day last week. And even if there was an election, few would vote against New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

But Brees also found out that moving the ball downfield in politics isn't always so easy.

"I tried to eliminate taxes right away," Brees cracked. "But that got shutdown. I kinda overstepped my power, I guess."

Brees' success was in changing the name of the town for the day, turning Comfort, Texas into Advanced Comfort, Texas, as part of a promotion with his sponsor, Wrangler Jeans.

Wrangler, with the help of Brees, was trying to help Comfort into becoming "The Most Comfortable Town in America." Wrangler donated new seat backings to the local high school football stadium, and passed out more than 5,000 pairs of its brand new Advanced Comfort jeans for the men and boys. They also made sure to bring some gifts for the women of Comfort too, as well as a $10,000 donation to the town.

Brees also was in charge of the "Comfort Challenge." Wrangler claimed that the jeans were so comfortable, that they could be worn in any sort of football drill.

"We put that to the test," Brees said. "We did about 15 minutes of ladder drills and cone drills and other kind of things. We proved that theory."

Wrangler’s goal is to try to make towns across America more comfortable, starting off with the blue collar town in Texas. Brees, who grew up in Texas, was happy to help out those within his community, and he had fun doing it.

"At the end of the day, Wrangler stands for hard work, integrity and family values," Brees said. "And if you think about a small town like Comfort, Texas, they have a lot in common. That’s what people in this town stand for. It made perfect sense to be able to come here and obviously have fun with the name, and then put the town through the challenge out on the field and outside the stadium. The high school football team was out there running the drills as well. We had a good time."