They understand the safety concerns, but three former NBA champions aren't thrilled with the way the game is being officiated these days.

Speaking at a Thuzio function, Robert Horry, Bill Cartwright and Robert Parish said what was considered simply a hard foul when they were playing is now being whistled a flagrant foul.

Horry said when he was a rookie and complained about not getting a foul call, referees told him he was the one who had to get stronger. That's why Horry said today's NBA "is a little softer than I like."

"I see too much of that today -- uncontested layups," Parish said.

A player might have gotten away with it once back in Parish's day.

"Then we're laying wood on you after that," Parish said. "Today that would be a 10-, 15-game suspension plus a hefty fine."

Cartwright agreed with Horry and Parish, saying that "right now any foul that's hard is a flagrant."

But he also added a little perspective: "Maybe we weren't too smart when we played. Let's consider that."

Here is their conversation: