Since Beats By Dre released "The Game Before The Game" on its YouTube page June 5, the World Cup-themed advertisement -- set to the music of "Jungle" by X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons -- has posted more than 11.5 million views.

It did not take too long for one of Dr. Dre's old friends, Jay-Z to take an interest in the tune. On Sunday night during the NBA Finals, the "Jungle" remix by X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons featuring Jay-Z debuted. Jay Z's verse features such lines as: "There's record to break, medals to take, flags to wave." Many of the same clips with top soccer players in the world and fans play throughout the video.

Dr. Dre, who had not tweeted since Apple acquired his company, Beats Electronics, for $3 billion, started tweeting and retweeting a series of Jay Z/Jungle-related comments on Saturday (Note: @S_C_ is Jay Z, who's real name is Shawn Carter).

[H/T: Mashable]