For a hotel manager who is struggling to rescue a patron from behind a door that appears to be irreversibly locked, there's no better tool to use to open said door than a 6-foot, 237 pound kickboxer.

During a recent stay at a hotel in Virginia, former UFC fighter Pat Barry heard what he thought was cat scratching coming from down the hall. As he tells Fox Sports in a new story, Barry left his room to investigate and discovered it wasn't an animal but a woman screaming for help.

Barry, who is now competing as a kickboxer, got into the woman's room and discovered she was trapped in the bathroom. He called the management team, but they struggled to open the extra lock on the door. So they turned to Barry and gave him 'the nod.'

After busting through the first door, the team realized there was another door that was stuck closed. So Barry was called upon again. And again he came through.

The woman, Barry says, was fine despite spending an hour behind two locked doors.

Barry says he's proud of his effort but in hindsight may have used a different move.

"As usual, now that it's over of course I think of cooler ways to do it," Barry said. "If I could go back in time, I'd have used a spinning side kick!"