Beast Mode has gone international.

A Washington man recently completed a cross country skiing race in Switzerland decked out in a full Marshawn Lynch uniform, including pads, a football and what appear to be dreadlocks.

"I wanted to do something to honor the Seahawks," Tony Wiederkehr told KING-TV in Seattle.

Wiederkehr, a 48-year-old aerospace engineer, pitched the idea to his wife, and after she bought in, he knew it was going down. He collected a jersey, pads and a helmet and flew to Switzerland for the 42K Engadin Ski Marathon. And yes, 42 kilometers converts to 26 miles ... and a few feet.

Along the route Wiederkehr handed out mini footballs and Seahawks helmets. He also carried a football rather than ski poles. Still, he somehow managed to finish 4,873rd out of more than 13,000 skiers.

"Everybody loves American football over here," he said after the race.

Holly Brooks, a Seattle native who competed in cross country skiing at the Sochi Olympics, was part of the U.S. contingent for Engadin along with Wiederkehr. She wrote this email to KING-TV: "I know that Seattlites have done some cool things to celebrate the Hawks, but this has got to be one of the most unique ones."

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Here's what Wiederkehr looked like on the route:

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