Not surprisingly, AskMen's Top 49 Most Influential Men list includes multiple athletes in its 2013 version. But the highest-ranked athlete is a choice that might surprise some: While first place overall went to hotshot tech innovator Elon Musk, second place on the list went to basketball player Jason Collins, whose brave decision to come out as a gay man earlier this year showed that the pro sports world may be widening its horizons.

Collins beat out other athletes whose success stories on the court and field captivated our attentions this year, like the record-setting Peyton Manning (9th place), the triumphant LeBron James (21st), the unbeatable Floyd Mayweather (24th), and the resurgent Kimi Raikkonen (33rd) -- among others. Find out which remaining athletes made the cut by checking out the AskMen Top 49 list, which encompasses the year's most prominent figures (and one fictional character) from tech and politics to sports and entertainment, voted on by over 100,000 readers.

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