It's never too late to go back to school, as Isiah Thomas proved this weekend. The former Pistons bad boy turned controversial Knicks coach/front office staffer turned college coach graduated from UC Berkeley with a master's degree in education.

"I've been looking forward to this day for many years, but I couldn't have gotten to this point without the support of my professors, my peers and my family," he tweeted. "As a basketball player, I dreamed of becoming an NBA champion, but today I earned something more meaningful. Getting my master's degree is one of the most important championships I have won. I continue to believe education is the gateway to success, and if you dream big and work hard, anything is attainable."

In an article he co-bylined in the Huffington Post earlier this month, he said he was studying the connection between education and sports.

"We argue that college athletics, as it intersects with the educational and life outcomes of black male athletes, is in crisis. This crisis is evident in many ways, including the prevalence of once-aspiring professional black male athletes who end up with no degree, few job prospects, and used-up eligibility," he said.

No word if his future plans include more studying or school, but for now, he just seems to be enjoying the moment.