Anyone who has seen Chris Masters wrestle knows he is one of the strongest guys in the WWE. In fact, for a long time people thought of "The Masterpiece" as a bodybuilder who had stumbled into wrestling.

Masters dutifully disproved his doubters, but his strength has come in handy throughout his career. And there is no better example of the usefulness of Masters' force than an incident this week in which he broke into his mother's burning home to save her life.

Masters, whose real name is Chris Mordetzky, told TMZ that his uncle called him late at night to tell him that one of his mother's neighbors had gone crazy and locked himself inside her home. Masters rushed over to his mother's Los Angeles home and tried to calm the neighbor down. When the guy wouldn't relax, Masters knew he had to call the police.

Upon hearing the police outside, the neighbor set the house on fire with both he and Masters' mother inside. With the home barricaded, Masters had to think quickly. So he uprooted a tree from the front yard and smashed through one of the windows. Masters grabbed his mother from inside the home while the police arrested the neighbor.

Afterwards, Masters tweeted several photos of the destuction.

Masterfully done, Chris.

Here's Masters in a more familiar setting:

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