The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas always takes place right in the middle of the NFL playoffs. Coincidence? Please. If there is a driving force behind the demand for bigger screens and sharper pictures, it's coming from sports fans, and let's face it, the NFL is easily the most popular sport.

So you might have your place outfitted with a monster-sized HD TV, and while there's nothing wrong with it, that doesn't mean you can't do better.

And bigger and better is what manufacturers had on display at CES this year in the form of Ultra HD TV.

What exactly does Ultra HD mean? In technical terms, it offers a picture of almost 8.3 million pixels. To put it in simpler terms, that is four times the resolution quality of current HD TVs.

That upgrade in quality will cost you. Ultra HD sets start at about $10,000, but prices are expected to come down the same way they did with HD TVs. The Associated Press reported that "TV buyers spent a record-low average of $364 on flat-screen TVs during the recent holiday shopping season, according to research firm NPD Group."

There isn't much programming that was shot in Ultra HD available yet, so no need to rush out and grab a set now. But reports that "the 2016 Olympics are likely to be a big moment for Ultra HD, as worldwide events like this have typically been a motivating factor for providers to showcase new technologies like HD and 3D in the past."