At some point in the near future, John Smoltz will travel to Cooperstown to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Until then, all he needs to do to relive his baseball past is walk down the stairs of his Atlanta-area home.

Smoltz and his home were showcased on a recent episode of Million Dollar Rooms, an HGTV show which profiles homeowners and their upscale digs. Put simply, the 1996 Cy Young Award winner has a home that would make many grown men drool.

Smoltz literally has trophy cases built into the walls of his house. The display cases are packed with old memorabilia, trophies and even the torch that Muhammed Ali used to light the Olympic flame in Atlanta in 1996.

But as cool as Smoltz's personal museum is, perhaps the most impressive feature of his home is the vast backyard. He's got a baseball field, tennis and basketball courts, a golf course and much more on his 22 acre property. Smoltz estimates that he's spent at least $2 million on his backyard alone. He calls it "Disney World in the backyard," and it's hard to argue with that.

See for yourself:

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