Don't pity Mitt Romney.

Sure, the former Massachusetts governor has run for president twice and lost both times, in the process proving quite adept at flubs.

But the man is still worth an estimated $250 million and he's got one of the best NCAA tournament brackets in the country.

Scott Conroy of the Huffington Post reports that Romney's bracket is in the 99.98th percentile of all the 11.57 million brackets in’s Tournament Challenge. Not bad for someone who didn't even fill out a bracket two years ago because he wasn't "plugged in well enough.".

Romney picked six of the eight Elite Eight teams, all four Final Four squads and both Duke and Wisconsin in the national championship game. Romney has the Blue Devils beating the Badgers for the tournament title.

You can see Romney's full bracket here. His username for is WMR0321 2. The first three letters may stand for his full name, Willard Mitt Romney. The numbers may be some play on his birthday, which is March 12.

As for President Barack Obama's bracket? Romney's opponent in the 2012 election is in 6,918,578th place on, putting him in the 40th percentile.

According to Conroy, Romney attended both Final Four games and will be on hand to see Duke and Wisconsin play for the national title.

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