The odds of picking a perfect bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament are staggering. To put this in some sort of reasonable context rather than just raw numbers, we asked DePaul math professor Jeffrey Bergen for some help.

"If you were just guessing, if you were just flipping a coin on each game, everyone puts the odds at one in 9 quintillion," Bergen says.

In case this helps you appreciate just how large of a number that is, here is how 9 quintillion looks numerically:


Having some basketball knowledge can shift the odds will shift a bit. For example, if you don't flip a coin for the four games pitting the No. 1 seed and the No. 16 seed, history dictates that you should automatically have four correct picks. Depending on your level of college basketball insight, you can make the probability relatively more reasonable. Bergen says his calculations peg it at one in 128 billion.

The professor joins the panel on this episode of "The Rundown," a collaboration between TYT Sports and ThePostGame, to explain how some of these numbers are crunched and why:

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