Without her knowledge or consent, and with thousands of Twitter users looking on, Kristen Yarows was transformed from a Wisconsin fan to a Duke fan.

Yarows, who attended Wisconsin, was decked out in red at the 2014 Final Four. This is what she looked like:

This month the Internet search engine Bing has been running March Madness promos with Yarows' image, except rather than red she is wearing blue. The following tweet has been deleted, so the image isn't visible, but Yarows saved it and included it in her less-than-thrilled response on Instagram:

This is especially awkward because both Wisconsin and Duke are in this year's Final Four.

It's curious that Bing felt the need to Photoshop anyone into a Duke fan, as there is no shortage of celebratory photos of the Blue Devils and their supporters.

"It just seems like a lot more work than they needed to do," Yarows told Sam Laird of Mashable.

Yarows is having fun with her instant fame, and she's hoping to turn this into an opportunity to see her Badgers play the Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday in Indianapolis.

If nothing else, maybe Yarows can book an appearance on The Tonight Show, like "crying piccolo girl" Roxanne Chalifoux.

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