Sports fans love to imagine other sports adopting the NCAA tournament to determine its champion because it’s the best and most exciting postseason format known to man. But we thought to ourselves: “What if the NCAA got rid of March Madness for the worst postseason ever: The BCS bowl system?”

Take a look at what the "2013-14 BCS Basketball Bowl Schedule" would look like if the NCAA scrapped the tournament for the now-defunct BCS system in what would be every sports’ fans nightmare.

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Here are a couple observations from the schedule:

• If you think the undefeated 2004 Auburn team got screwed out of playing for a national title, imagine Wichita State in this situation. The third No. 1 seed would have to settle for the Sugar Bowl despite becoming the first team to enter the NCAAs with a perfect record since the 1990-91 UNLV squad.

• The heads of BCS haters would explode if Arizona (No. 2 overall seed) made the title game instead of Wichita State despite the Wildcats not even winning the Pac-12 tournament title and losing four times since Feb. 1.

• Tons of people are picking No. 4 seeds Michigan State and Louisville to play in the national title game. Their late-season surges would only be good enough to get them in BCS bowls in this scenario. We hope making "every game count" in the regular season would be worth leaving out the two hottest teams in the nation to those who supported the BCS ...

• We love how the GoDaddy and BBVA Compass Bowls sandwich themselves around good football games in January. It would be even more laughable to watch Delaware play New Mexico St. after watching Kansas and Wisconsin go head-to-head.

• Even the games at the very start of football’s bowl season can be fun to watch. The same couldn’t be said about a marathon of games on Saturday of Cal Poly (13-19) vs. Texas Southern (19-14), Albany (18-14) vs. Mount St. Mary’s (16-16), Weber State (19-11) vs. Coastal Carolina (21-12) and American (20-12) vs. Wofford (20-12). Just thinking about it makes us want to puke ...

• Duke and Syracuse played the two best regular-season games of the year and would have a rubber match in the Outback Bowl. So at least there's that ...

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• The only people who might be happy about this BCS basketball bowl arrangement would be SMU and Green Bay fans. Instead of getting snubbed by the committee, they would get to play in the Heart of Dallas Bowl!

Now brace yourself for the horror:

[Editor's Note: Bowl tie-ins only applied for BCS bowls and each “Big 6” league winner determined by conference tournaments, which act in place of conference championship games. At-large bids and all other matchups decided by the NCAA’s 1-68 seeding order.]

2013-14 BCS Basketball Bowl Schedule
BCS Games

Date   Game       Location     Teams
April 7 BCS Title   Pasadena   No. 1 Florida vs. No. 1 Arizona
April 4 Orange      Miami          No. 1 Virginia (ACC champ) vs. No. 2 Michigan (BCS at-large)
April 3 Sugar     New Orleans  No. 1 Wichita St. (BCS at-large) vs. No. 2 Villanova (BCS at-large)
April 2 Fiesta      Glendale       No. 3 Iowa State (Big 12 champ) vs. No. 4 Louisville (AAC champ)
April 2 Rose       Pasadena      No. 4 Michigan St. (Big Ten champ) vs. No. 4 UCLA (Pac-12 champ)

Non-BCS Games

Long live March Madness.

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