Joe Harris is so handsome that other grown men can't help but admire his beauty.

Virginia's 6-foot-6 senior guard has gained a special place in the heart of Cavaliers fans not only for helping to turn around their once-middling basketball program but also because of his dashing looks.

During Sunday's tournament game between Virginia and Memphis, a fan in Raleigh held up a sign reading "Man crush on Joe Harris."

After top-seeded Virginia's win, teammate Akil Mitchell gushed about Harris.

"Look at him, he’s beautiful,” Mitchell said. "He’s a beautiful man."

Mitchell and Harris, who were both part of coach Tony Bennett's first recruiting class, actually have somewhat of a bromance, as evidenced by this video:

Harris led Virginia with 16 points in the Cavaliers' defeat of Memphis. On the season he averaged 12 points and shot about 40 percent from beyond the arc. Whenever Harris would play well during the season, Virginia fans would accompany tweets about him with the hashtag "swoon."

That trend is reaching a new level now that the Cavaliers have advanced to the Sweet 16 for the first time in 19 years.

Harris and his good looks are headed to the bright lights of Madison Square Garden for a matchup with upset-minded Michigan State. New York, commence swooning.

(H/T to USA Today)