If you think you've made sacrifices to watch a sporting event on TV, wait until you hear about how far one woman went to watch her team play in the NCAA tournament.

Colleen Beck, an 81-year-old Memphis fan, fell at her home last week and suffered three broken ribs and a collapsed lung. She had surgery scheduled for Friday at the same time as her beloved Memphis Tigers played its opening game in the NCAA tournament against the George Washington Colonials. The TV in Beck's operating room was turned to the game, and before doctors at Methodist Hospital started the surgery, Beck had one request: "Could we wait until we see how this ends?"

The doctors granted Beck her wish, although according to her, "it didn't take much persuading. Everyone wanted to watch."

Once Memphis had the game in hand, Beck allowed doctors to start the procedure. Beck was doing fine after the surgery, and she watched the Tigers' game Sunday against Virginia from her hospital bed.