Dear Kansas State:

Texas and Kansas State are not rivals. And they never will be rivals.

You make shirts that say "Texas State Champs." You give the Horns down hand sign -- just like every other opposing team. Your players talk trash about Texas. You flock down to Austin every other year wearing purple to get away from your "Little Apple" and see what a real university is all about. It's cute. But this is not a rivalry.

You see, people in Texas don't really care about Kansas State. Not just people at UT, but its Big 12 brethren in the Lone Star State (Baylor, Tech, TCU) flat out don't care. We don't love K-State (unless you beat OU) and we don't hate K-State. (Yes, we do hate it when you beat us, but we don't hate K-State.) We don't know much about Kansas State and we really don't want to know much about you.

You are just there. Somewhere in Kansas. We don't know where in Kansas, but we do know the you are there.

We don't know how you snuck into the Big 12. But we do know why you are still hanging around. It's because you needed Texas. When we were considering other conferences a couple years back, you needed us. While everyone wanted the University of Texas in its conference, you were a footnote.

Without Texas, who knows where you'd be? MAC? Conference USA? AAC? Or maybe even FCS since it seems like you struggle against schools from that division.

Look, I know that Kansas State has had Texas' number in the big three sports the past few years. It happens. And congrats on making it to a BCS bowl last season. Way to go. But it appears the only thing that we have learned with K-State's recent success is that C-list (if even) celebrity Cam from Modern Family is a Wildcat. No one even knows his real name. He is just Cam.

While this may be your Super Bowl, this is just another game for us. I guarantee you that no one in Austin is getting riled up about the Wildcats.

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It seemed like a game that would be perfect to be broadcast on the Longhorn Network just like other below average opponents New Mexico State and your beloved Jayhawks. At the end of the day, there are dozens of other universities that we are more concerned about than Kansas State. You are just a mosquito that big Bevo is too lazy to even swat at.

So enjoy your time in Austin. Load up on breakfast tacos and brisket, bring your sunscreen since it's still 100 degrees outside and please don't throw up on 6th Street. Just remember, this isn't a rivalry and stop trying to make it one.


-- Dan Hurwitz is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and former sports editor of The Daily Texan.