As you might have heard, actor Kevin Connolly broke his leg on the set of the upcoming Entourage movie. The scene involved Connolly and Jerry Ferrara doing some sort of athletic contest with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and a freak accident ensued. But you might not be aware of how Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman of the Patriots, who were on the set at the same time, encouraged Connolly to tough it out.

"They wanted to shoot him up something to get him to keep going," Entourage creator Doug Ellin says. "Kevin was brave enough to go another three days with a double fracture in his leg that ultimately required surgery, and he was down for about eight weeks."

Wilson, Gronkowski and Edelman are among more than 20 athletes who shot scenes for the film, which is scheduled for release next summer. Those special appearances are consistent with the show's vibe when it ran for eight seasons on HBO and featured multiple cameos from sports stars. Ellin cited episodes with Kobe Bryant, Mark Teixeira and Tom Brady as being particularly memorable.

"Getting Tom Brady to come in and save the day when Eli Manning screwed me pretty badly," Ellin says. "We were in serious trouble because Eli Manning told me he was doing it and at the last second he bailed on me."

Without giving away any plot secrets, Ellin says the movie will have more of the sensibility from the show's earlier episodes.

"Hopefully we're getting back to the roots of the early seasons, seasons one and two," he says. "It's really about these guys and friendship, and these kind of fish out of water living in L.A. and living the high life but looking out for each other."

Mark Wahlberg, The Sports Fan

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