Brazil faces off against Great Britain on Tuesday night in one of the most anticipated women's soccer matches of the Olympics.

But despite all the hype, don't be surprised if the Brazilians come out looking a little tired.

The Brazilian team was traveling to Wembley on Monday when its bus broke down after 40 minutes. The trip would normally take three hours, but the team had to wait five hours for help to arrive.

And now, some of the Brazilian footballers are getting suspicious. According to the Daily Telegraph, a few of the women on Team Brazil have told Brazilian newspapers that the long delay may have been deliberate.

"It was a disgrace," coach Jorge Barcellos said. "I wasn't impressed, a tournament of this size, and the delay in taking any initiative to resolve the situation was absurd."

The match will take place Tuesday night at Wembley Stadium, where attendance could reach upwards of 70,000.

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Gary Connery makes a pretty good Queen.

The British daredevil impersonated Her Majesty in the Opening Ceremonies on Friday, even wearing a wig and a salmon-colored dress. And in an interview on Monday, Connery revealed that he wasn't chosen for the part because of his amazing prior stunts or seeming lack of any and all fear.

He says he was selected because he has "Queen-style legs."

"I think they liked my legs," Connery joked in an appearance on The Today Show.

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Connery said he and Daniel Craig's stunt-double mostly rehearsed the jump in a field, but they also tried it in the Olympic stadium a few times.

Perhaps the best advice Connery got was from director Danny Boyle, who told Connery that in impersonating the Queen, he should "remember to keep your legs together."

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Of all the criticism which followed the Opening Ceremonies in London, few people had anything negative to say about Queen Elizabeth. In fact, Elizabeth has drawn praise for her humorous skit with James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

Barbara Walters, however, had a suggestion for Her Majesty. While Walters appreciated the James Bond skit, she said the Queen should have lightened up during the ceremonies themselves. She said Elizabeth "does not know how to smile," and that the Queen was displaying a "sour face."

The Queen, said Walters, could have used "a little pinch on the tushie" from her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

That wasn't all the criticism Walters had for Queen Elizabeth during Monday's telecast of "The View." Walters also had some harsh words for the Queen's outfit.

"She is 86, but she dresses like something out of the 19th century," Walters said. "The pink dress with the pink plume, but then the black gloves and the black bag -- what does the Queen keep in that bag anyway? She never changes."

Ouch. There goes any chance Walters ever had to interview the Queen.

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A performer who discreetly filmed his part in Friday's opening ceremonies put the video on YouTube, giving the world a unique perspective of the performance at the Olympic Stadium.

While the video was removed from YouTube, the British newspaper "The Telegraph" managed to save a clip. The scene was from the Pandemonium section of the ceremony, which depicted the Industrial Revolution.

For the entire clip, see here.

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We should all be thankful for Instagram. Without the picture-sharing service, we wouldn't be receiving constant gems from the USA men's basketball team. Like this photo of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Deron Williams taking a Segway tour of Barcelona.

Or this picture of half the team asleep on the plane.

On Monday we received another gift, this time thanks to Williams. The Brooklyn Nets point guard caught coach Mike Krzyzewski finishing up some yoga before practice. It's not the most flattering photo of Coach K, but we can't all look good when we're in the downward dog position.

In all seriousness, photos like these provide an interesting peek into the lives of some of the most famous athletes in the world. Rather than having to wait 20 years for the documentary to come out, we're given a behind-the-scenes look at the Dream Team in real time.

Thank goodness for Twitter.

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What has traditionally been the most transcendent event in the world of sports had its Opening Ceremonies in London on Friday and the competition started Saturday. In total, NBC is planning to telecast a record 5,535 hours of Olympic coverage on nine different channels.

This will include NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Bravo and the NBC Sports Network. It will be a multiple-platform, digital extravaganza with all of the events available for viewing live online. Laptops, smartphones and tablets with the right apps will receive the programming. By way of contrast, NBC broadcast 2,000 hours from the 2008 Games in Beijing. With this unprecendented exposure, will the Olympics retain their impact and relevance?

The Olympics have normally created a global village of billions of viewers sharing the same experience in an intense two-week period. The normal interest of followers of sports like gymnastics, swimming, diving and track and field are eclipsed. Americans who not normally have much focus on these sports are engaged in massive numbers. One of the stimuli is nationalism, pride in American athletes at a discouraging economic time.

The audience consists of many more woman than normal. Advertisers feel that woman are drawn to the human interest back stories about individual Olympians. This is why there will be an unending parade of features on athletes who have overcome hardship and challenge to become Olympic hopefuls. There have been less of these stories and less focus on the individuals competing than in years past. This means that the broadcasts themselves will have to work hard to engage viewers.

These games provide a dramatic opportunity for star building. When the television audiences are large the games transcend the narrow genre of hard core enthusiasts, and engage the whole country. A dramatic performance combined with an interesting back story can vault an athlete to national prominence. We have a powerful celebrity oriented media which can transform athletes into national icons.

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Hundreds of television shows, websites and publications are dedicated to highlighting interesting people. Winning athletes can be featured on Leno, Letterman, morning shows, talk shows and become hot. This would normally lead to high level marketability. The challenge is to keep that profile high when sports like gymnastics and swimming don't have heavily watched competitions once the games end. If there are not continuing opportunities for exposure, that Olympic heat can fade rapidly.

In 1988 I helped gold-medal ice skater Brian Boitano when he returned home. We were able to create an ice show featuring him and gold-medal winner Katerina Witt. They had ownership interests and the show toured the country to large crowds. Brian was gifted and creative and designed a prime time television show that ran on ABC, "Carmen on Ice." These activities helped to keep him in the public eye.

In 1996 I worked with Kerri Strug, whose dramatic vault with a broken leg to win a gold medal for the women's gymnastic team transfixed the country. When Bela Karolyi carried her to the medal stand it created vivid imagery. But who follows gymnastics in between Olympic Games?

So the challenge was to design activities which would keep her center stage. We had her ring the bell on Wall Street, be carried by Steve Case of AOL as Bela did, onto the field of Monday Night Football at halftime, and be a presenter with Bob Hope at the Family Film Awards. We were able to convince the Ice Capades that she would be an attraction in between skating, so they set up equipment for her to perform. We created her own Gymnastics Show to tour the country. Saturday Night Live agreed to do a skit where Chris Kattan played her "evil twin" Skippy in a lampoon. It required her charming personality and creativity to extend her shelf life.

Michael Phelps, who was multiple medal winner in swimming in Beijing, is the best known star and he now has a handsome challenger in Ryan Lochte. Usain Bolt is the highest profile track and field competitor. Jordyn Wieber is the face of the women's gymnastic team and Missy Franklin is the young hope for women's swimming. Which of these stars will be able to excite American audiences?

NFL training camps are open and this sport has doubled any other in viewer and popularity polls. Major League Baseball is in the midst of pennant races. Soccer has penetrated American television en masse for the first non-World Cup time. Arguably the World Cup has surpassed the Olympics as the top sports event. The scenery and history of London adds appeal to these games, but will the television audiences respond?

And of course there are the inevitable off-putting decisions of the out of touch International Olympic Committee. Forty years ago Israeli athletes were slaughtered by terrorists at the Munich Olympics. Avery Brundage, head of the IOC, had no perspective and declared "the games must go on." There have been moments of silence at Opening Ceremonies for the 9/11 victims and individual athletes who had died, but none for the Israeli Olympians. Politics and anti-Semitism trumped decency once again.

So the Games have begun once again and it will be intriguing to see if they still carry the same world-wide fascination and focus.

-- Leigh Steinberg has represented many of the most successful athletes and coaches in football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing and golf, including the first overall pick in the NFL draft an unprecedented eight times, among more than 60 first-round selections. His clients have included Hall of Fame quarterbacks Steve Young, Troy Aikman and Warren Moon, and he served as the inspiration for the movie "Jerry Maguire." Follow him on Twitter @SteinbergSports.

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Did you buy a stitch to support Team USA in theRaise Our Flag campaign? If so, you should be proud to know that the completed flag with your stitch is now hanging in the USA House in London, the home away from home for the US Olympic Team.

Athletes and their families have a great space to relax, get some eats, and catch the latest sporting competition. I was so impressed with the amount of detailed planning that went into designing this awesome space for our hometown heroes.

Not to mention the official USA clothing store with title sponsors Ralph Lauren and Oakley boasting all their products. The store itself is like a typical Nike clothing store you'd find in the U.S. and actually makes you feel like you're in America.

My favorite part about the house was the tropical palm tree and garden space they transformed into a Bud Patio and Coca-Cola Re-Charge area. The entire space is very modern and filled with televisions to catch all the action.

Food-wise, I was beyond excited to see a Choban Yogurt bar set up with unlimited yogurt of every flavor. Most memorably was definitely the life size photo from the opening ceremonies that was printed the night after the ceremonies and installed on the wall. Definitely an inspiration for all the athletes.


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Olympians are renown for their intense dedication to their bodies. Years of training and dieting can result in some extreme frames--like Michael Phelps' 6-foot-7 wingspan and Lolo Jones' chiseled arms.

This weekend New Zealand cyclist Greg Henderson showed the world some of his rivals' unique physical features during a "quad-off" between two German cyclists.

Henderson tweeted a photo of Andre Greipel and Robert Forstemann with their trousers down and their quads exposed. Greipel (left) has some wide thighs, but Forstemann's tree-trunk quads (right) make Greipel's legs look like pencils.

"You thought Greipel has a big set of legs," Henderson tweeted. "There was a quad off in the German camp today. Greipel lost"

Now you can see why Forstemann truly deserves the nickname "Mr. Thigh."

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It's only the opening weekend, and already Olympic swimming seems to be making the biggest splash. But one of the biggest stories didn't happen in the Olympic pools -- it happened on the beach in the south of France.

According to the Daily Mail, a 34-year-old man from London was enjoying a holiday at the Biarritz beach when suddenly he was taken with Olympic fever.

He bid his friends farewell, explaining that the only cure was to swim across the Atlantic to New York City and infect America with his enthusiasm.

His friends figured it was a joke, and let him take to the waves, assuming the strong swimmer would turn around eventually. After 300 yards, the lifeguards couldn't see him.

Sadly, the Londoner's hopes and dreams were dashed to pieces when a helicopter dropped a diver in the ocean to remind him that the distance from Biarritz to New York is 3,594.69 miles. He persisted, citing his advanced aquatic skills, but eventually accepted a line from a rescue dinghy and made his way back to the beach.

While his confidence is to be admired, we're left thinking that a train to Le Havre followed by a quick dip in the English Channel en route to London would have made far more sense.

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The Game:
Despite continuing its summer trend of stumbling out of the gate early on, Team USA was still able to manufacture a resounding 98-71 victory over France.

In a haphazard game that saw an astounding 52 foul calls, the majority of that scoring margin came from a decided edge for the U.S. from behind the arc. The French kept it close in the early going thanks to some cold shooting by both teams, but while Team USA eventually found their stroke, the lid stayed on the rim for France as it ended the game with an abysmal 2-for-22 mark from 3-point range.

The second period proved to be the decisive quarter for Team USA. Led by Kevin Durant (22 pts, 3-for-5 3-pt FG, 9 rebs), the Americans made six of their eight 3s to turn a one-point first quarter lead into a 16-point halftime cushion. With Tony Parker still rounding into form from an off-season eye injury, no Joakim Noah (out for the entire Olympics) and budding Portland Trail Blazer star Nicolas Batum limited to only 18 minutes, France simply didn't have the horses to keep up in this one.

The Good:
As basketball becomes more and more strategic, it's almost ironic that sometimes the easiest way to score is simply to throw the ball near the rim and let a bigger, more athletic player go get it. Multiple players on Team USA are capable of doing this, but in particular Tyson Chandler and LeBron James. There are simply no opponents in this tournament that can consistently win aerial battles with that duo. Look for the U.S. to call for lobs or designed slips (fake screens) when their halfcourt offense becomes a little too jumpshot-happy for Coach K's liking.

Another solid halfcourt look for Team USA was James' post game. It continued to open things up for the American attack despite facing yet another opposing frontcourt with legitimate NBA size. This will be a stabilizing action for the U.S. if future opponents are able to slow down the game by limiting live-ball turnovers.

However, that whole slowing-down-Team USA thing is far easier said than done. Early on, France crashed the offense glass, looking to extract extra possessions against a height-challenged U.S. roster. But instead of trying to match France's effort on the boards, the Americans doubled-down and became even more aggressive leaking out in transition.

More than once, Kevin Durant could be seen streaking down court before the shot attempt from France was even off the rim. Concerned with the possibility of a parade of breakaway dunks, a demoralized French squad put forth noticeably less effort for offensive rebounds as the game wore on. It will be interesting to see how this wrinkle affects the gameplan for the two foes (Brazil and Spain) with a distinct size-advantage over the U.S.

Speaking of wearing down opponents, the ball-hawking defense employed by Team USA also took its toll on France. No longer restrained by the NBA's defensive three-seconds rule, the U.S. continues to look more and more comfortable aggressively flooding the lane when the ball is located on one side of the floor. This strongside pinch, combined with Team USA's athleticism, was the primary reason France's two primary ballhandlers (Parker and Nando De Colo) combined for more than twice as many turnovers (9) as assists (4).

The Bad:
As a whole, Team USA didn't have too many glaring issues. The biggest concern was perhaps how bogged down their halfcourt offense became during the stretches when France went to a switch-heavy defense. Finding a mismatch and attacking it in an isolation is the typical remedy for such a scheme. Unfortunately, iso-heavy attacks typically stunt ball movement and this was no exception.

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On top of that, the rule differences and smaller dimensions in the international game also make this counter a bit trickier. Guards have less space to drive by lumbering big men while post-ups can receive double teams more readily. In effect, the correct foil to this defensive scheme becomes a far more inefficient proposition in the Olympics than it would be in the more refined NBA. Fortunately for the U.S., Spain and Brazil seem unlikely to employ this strategy given their personnel. Russia, whose rotation is compromised mostly of players between 6-foot-5 and 6-foot-9, is a different story.

A couple of individuals for Team USA had rather forgettable performances. With the way opponents are going to target him, Kevin Love may as well change the number on the back of his jersey to a red, white and blue bullseye. Each time Love checked into the game, France showed no hesitation in feeding the ball to his man in the post. Boris Diaw, Kevin Seraphin and Ali Traore all had varying degrees of success on the block against Love. With the Gasols from Spain and Nene from Brazil looming in the medal rounds, Love's defense is becoming more and more of a concern, even if he produces on offense like he did Sunday.

Love isn't the only player to be singled out for a poor performance. Russell Westbrook showcased some of the same boneheaded decision-making NBA fans have occasionally seen from him over the years. This time it was fouling Batum nearly 35-feet from the hoop as the Frenchman launched a desperation heave toward the rim with the shot clock winding down. Another sequence involving a bad turnover followed immediately by a blatant goaltend didn't help his cause either. Games like this make it easy to ask the question -- can the U.S. trust Russ?

Looking ahead:
The next matchup for Team USA is against Tunisia on Tuesday night (5:15 ET). After losing 60-56 to Nigeria on Sunday, the Tunisian head coach, Abdel Tlatli, admitted to his team being overwhelmed by both the pressure of the Olympics and the physicality of the Nigerian squad. Needless to say, that doesn't bode well for a matchup against the U.S. If 60-point blowouts are your thing, this might be the game for you.

-- Brett Koremenos is the editor at NBA Playbook and a contributor to Hoopspeak. Follow him on Twitter @BKoremenos.

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